Run Routes

Run Routes

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Here are some of the routes that we have developed over the years. These are all based on starting at Cafeccino Coffee. Click on the link to see a map of the route.


Bi-Lo Loop, 4.75 miles
This is a popular route for those who want to get some extra miles in before the 7:00 group takes off. It’s a flat course; great for a warm up. At 6:00-ish, a group will go out and run the Bi-Lo loop. Those with an active colon will stop halfway for the Bi-Lo poop.

Soccer Fields/Fairlea, 11 miles
This is the backbone route of the group. There are many variations of this loop listed here. The purpose of the variations are to add or subtract miles. This route starts off with a nice downhill, then is basically flat with the exception of going up Fairlea. Eight of the eleven miles are on the greenway. This route includes the “Bridge to Nowhere” that is at the end of the greenway at the soccer fields. Subtract 1/2 mile if you skip this.

Soccer Fields, 7 miles
This is an out and back for those looking to run fewer miles. Save some energy for the climb back up David Taylor.

Soccer Fields/Fairlea + That Part That Goes Under Harris, 14.1 miles
Same as the Soccer Fields/Fairlea loop, but a 3.1 mile loop is added shortly after you go under the Mallard Creek Road bridge.

Fairlea Loop, 6.2 miles
Want to run a 10k? This variation of the Soccer Field/Fairlea Loop drops the soccer field leg and enters the greenway at Governor Hunt Road.

The “Y” Loop, 10.75 miles
Tired of doing the soccer fields? Here is a variation just for you. There are a couple of hills in the business park that will get your heart pumping.

Hills (Pain Train), 7 miles
As the name implies, this is a hilly route. You know what they say, if you want to run hills better – run hills. This will do it for you. It’s all run in the business park, and none of it is flat. Have fun with the street names as you huff and puff through this. For example, Senator Royall can be renamed Senator Royall Pain In the Ass.