Frequently Asked Questions

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What exactly is UCRR? Good question. We’ve been described many ways: A Charlotte running club, a Charlotte social club. We are both those things, and more. We have members who participate in anything from 5k’s to ultra marathons. We have members who participate in triathlons. We have members who gather at the Wine Vault regularly. What we all have in common is the love of running. That common thread has created a strong social bond between the members.

Do I have to pay dues? No, we don’t require members to pay dues. Come run with us and have fun – no charge. Having said that, there is a voluntary $25.00 yearly fee for those who are interested in the benefits. If you pay the fee, you receive 15% off any purchase from Run for Your Life at 1816 E. Arbors Drive, Charlotte. Go to Run For Your Life for more details or to pay.

Where do you start? All our runs start at Cafeccino on Mallard Creek Church Road in the Harris Teeter shopping center (Northeast Charlotte, University City area). 2706 W Mallard Creek Church Rd, Charlotte

When do you run? As a rule, we meet at 7:00 Saturday mornings. During the summer and fall, a number of members meet at 6:00 to beat the heat or to get in all the miles they need to get done that day. There is always someone there Saturdays at 7:00. There are some other times when a smaller group usually runs: 8:00 Sunday mornings and 5:00 Thursday mornings. The Thursday morning run is the famous Pain Train hill run.

Do I have to keep up a certain pace or run a certain distance? No, there are no “minimum requirements” to run in our group. When we set out for a run, we may all start off together, but we never all finish together. Some are running longer than others. Some are running faster, some are running slower. Runners at the same pace naturally group together. That group may get smaller as shorter distance runners in that group peel off. The average pace is around 8:00-10:00/mile

I’m a slower runner. Will someone always be with me? Sure, if there is another runner who runs at your pace. Everyone out there is very supportive, helpful and friendly. However, we all are probably training for something; so we all have a certain goal for that day. If you find yourself alone because you are slower (or faster) than others, don’t worry. We all meet up after our runs at Cafeccino. The coffee is great, the socializing is even better.

Can I get on an email list? Come for a run with us and let someone know you want to get on the list; or go to the Contact Us page and request being added to the list.

I can’t get enough of UCRR. Where should I go? Check out our Facebook page, University City Road Runners.